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Add Visual's no-code lessons to your existing courses to teach students how to plan for and build their ideas.

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Build with no-code in your classroom

We teach students the fundamentals of using no-code and visual development tools to validate an idea, connect with customers, build an MVP, and even make their first sale.

Through a combination of recorded content, live workshops, and instructor feedback, students learn by doing. Our various modules teach skills such as building fully functional websites and applications, creating relational databases, and converting manual workflows into automated ones with data integration.


Recorded content makes the program easy to adjust for your course. Students can access the material as needed, like buying a text-book

Live workshops and office hours let students get real-time feedback and support for their own building

Sequenced to develop confidence and build solutions regardless of the students’ background

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Our programs are connected to your active courses. Professors receive a professor seat and then invite their students onto the platform and assign modules themselves. Students can purchase them individually, like an assigned textbook, or we can create a package purchased directly by the university.

Introduction to Visual Development
Module 0
Why and how no-code tools empower people from side-project enthusiasts and founders to enterprise-level teams.
Exploration of the various categories of no-code tools and example tools for different uses.
The building mindset – build, test, iterate, build again.
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Build Effective Landing Pages
Module 1
The uses of landing pages from testing a product idea, collecting customer interest, to building a dynamic directory of information.
How to build in minutes, not hours using Carrd with different calls-to-action examples
Basic SEO features and short supplements on using Stripe Payment Links, Airtable, and more
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Databases & Content Management Systems
Coming soon!
Module 2
Introduction to no-code databases using Airtable
How to structure your database
Collecting and managing data in Airtable, using the example of building and maintaining a prospect and customer list
Automating Manual Workflows
Coming soon!
Module 3
Let software do the work for you by using Airtable automations.
How to integrate multiple applications using Zapier or Make.
We walk through automations like updating your database, sending emails, creating and managing calendar events, processing files, and conditional actions.
Build a Web App
Coming soon!
Module 4
What is an app? We walkthrough the different components of an app and introduce a range of tools that you can use to build applications.
In this module, we focus on building a basic app in Glide. Introducing Glide features, the power of templates, and its strengths and weaknesses.
We build an app for our fictional business, combining a database backend, workflows, and designing with Glide’s components.
Project Management & Team Collaboration
Coming soon!
Module 5
In this module, we focus on how to use tools to help teams collaborate on semester-long projects.
We introduce tools like Coda and Notion for organizing research, managing team responsibilities, and creating a deliverable for a client.
Using Coda, we build a knowledge management and project management document that can be adapted to course requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What is no-code?

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No-code is a term for platforms that allow you to develop software and websites by using a visual editor instead of coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, etc.

You may be familiar with tools like WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix for building websites. These were some of the earlier no-code tools. In our programs, we prepare students to use no-code tools to create full web applications, build mobile apps that you can put on the app store, develop workflows to automate processes, train a machine learning program, scrape websites for data, and many more.

Can anyone learn no-code?

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Yes. Different tools have different learning curves, but our program teach students to build right away. Students learn the fundamentals and walk away having completed a real project.

What resources will students have in addition to the recorded module content?

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How do we pay for the programs?

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Is no-code really important outside of the hobbyist or side-project enthusiast?

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